Friday, November 2, 2007

History Of the Pit

The history of American Pit Bull Terriers in America started with immigrants who brought their dogs along with their families overseas. They quickly became an asset to the developing nation. The dogs were valued for more then just fighters, but were entrusted to protect homes and were workers and vital contributors to farms and ranches. Families depended on them to help as hunters and hog catchers leading to the term catch dogs. They were also loving companions to children who were entrusted in their care. The USA admired this breed of dog as a prominent part in American culture. Their defining qualities of bravery, hard working, friendliness and respect lead to this admiration. Early advertisements began to use their image as the All-American Dog. World War I posters displayed illustrations of Pits as proud mascots of neutrality and bravery. The American Pit Bull Terrier was also favored by politicians, scholars and celebrities. Helen Keller, Theodore Roosevelt and of course the "Little Rascals" all had pit bulls. Today, this tradition is continuing in many people loving and cherishing these dogs as their family pets.

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