Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pit Bull Abuse and Neglect

The Pit Bull Terrier breed is possibly the most neglected and abused breed alive. Some types of these dogs may act out against humans, but only because of this unfair treatment and the pit bulls are not to blame, it is irresponsible owners. If we want to erase the negative image the American Pit Bull Terrier has it is our responsibility as responsible Pit Bull dog owners and citizens to decrease the level of mistreatment that the breed faces by people who are irresponsible and carless.
Neglect is a result in owners being unable to take care of their Pit Bulls caused by financial or physical difficulties and just plain ignorance. In some cases the owner just doesn't care about the suffering the animal faces. When dealing with neglect the first step to take is figuring out the situation and working with the animal's owner to change the situation where their pit bull is no longer being neglected. By assisting the owner in caring for the dog if they physically need it or just educating owners about proper care and community expectations.
If these methods don't work you should make a report to your local humane society or authorities.
Abuse differs from neglect in that it is a "conscious effort to cause harm." In the form of causing harm directly to the pit bull or by entering the dog into a fight or any other harmful situation. Studies have proved the negative psychological impact that abuse have in humans. Disregard for animal welfare is often linked to other crimes like domestic violence, assault, violent sexual deviance, murder, rape and more. If we don't enforce the law on perpetrators it will contribute to the negative image that many in our society have of the American Pit Bull Terrier. If youare aware of pit bull abuse it is your responsibility to report it to the legal authorities and get them to take action. Many complaints concerning pit bulls are overlooked, which lead to news laws, like the Breed Specific Legislation to be developed, that take away rights to ownership of this amazing breed.

There are also many alternative to enforcing the Breed Specific Legislation which are: *Stronger enforcement of already existing dangerous dog laws. If they are not in place, lobby for protection from untrained and unsupervised dogs of any breed or mix. This effort protects all citizens as any dog can bite and be a nuisance when there is a irresponsible owner involved. People that deliberately train a dog to act aggressively towards people or other animals, or to use dogs in the commission of a felony or misdemeanor should face additional penalties.
* Encourage local animal rescue agencies to provide responsible dog ownership seminars and canine safety education. The American Kennel Club also has a free education program.
* Protect the rights of all citizens with nuisance ordinances such as anti-barking, pooper scooper regulations and leash laws.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Here is some great information that I found at to let all of you Pit Bull Lovers out there know how you can help save these innocent dogs from a terrible fate.
Ways to avoid contributing to the problem are:
1) By Not breeding, some owners decide to breed their dogs simply because they are females. Really, there are no legit reasons to breed a dog, especially a pit. So, please Don't breed them and have your dog spayed or neutered.
2) Using Proper Confinement, If you already own an American Pit Bull Terrier make sure that you keep them properly housed and confined. I am not trying to say lock em up and through away the key, but when you are not present they should be in a kennel or inside the house or tied up in an area that allows them to have space, but is secure to prevent them from getting loose.
3) Obey your local laws, If the city you live in has a leash law, please obey it. Don't let your dog off the leash, no matter how trained they are because you never know what situation you could be walking into. Always obey your local dog laws.
4) Be positive, When you are out in public with your dog be positive and friendly and not confronting. In other words, be polite to people who are rude and stereotypical. Don't strike out and get mad at bystander's comments about your dog, just ignore them and put it behind you. Allowing people to irritate you will only make you and your dog look negative and give the public more of a reason to discriminate.

I have also found a few organizations that are trying to make a difference and help make positve changes in the American Pit Bull Terrier breeds harsh dilemma by educating owners and the public as well, finding homes for numbers of dogs and trying to make a stop to the crimes against these amazing creatures: - Bay Area Dog Lovers Responsible About Pit Bulls.
PBRC - Pit Bull Rescue Central.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Breed Specifc Legislation Overview:

The BSL affects dogs based on the dogs appearance only, not behavior and has nothing to do with the animals temperament. The alleged purpose of BSL is to increase and promote public safety, but it fails do that because it completely overlooks temperament and how the animal acts and behaves toward other dogs and people.
Breed-specific legislation (BSL) comes in many different forms and have different stipulations, from extra insurance policies and special licenses, to outright bans of particular breeds and it generally targets a small set of dog breeds, like pit bulls. It attempts to curb dog bites and dog attacks by enforcing policies focused specifically on those breeds and it more so then ever in the technical and moral sense becomes a complete failure.
Its disturbing that BSL continues to spread even after studies and statistics have proven all its flaws and misunderstandings. BSL is expensive to implement and enforce. Being able to determine a dog's breed or mix is extremely difficult, they often result in mistaken identities and lawsuits, especially in cases involving pit bulls because their is such a wide variety of dogs that have typical "pit bull type" characteristics. BSL does not stop dog attacks or bites and it increases the financial burden on taxpayers, animal shelters, and animal control agencies. It doesn't stop irresponsible owners and doesn't educate them or anyone about proper dog care. Responsible owners and good dogs are the ones that suffer from these laws. Good dogs get confined to their homes, unable to aquire valuable social skills and training or they are taken away and killed. Law-abiding owners are the ones who end up having to pay for special licenses or highly controlled fences, and they are the ones who get their hearts broken when their innocent and harmless dogs are deemed "dangerous" and "threatening" and get euthanized.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hello everybody, this blog was created to make people aware of the breed specific legislation and breedism and try to put an end to harming innocent animals, specifically pit bulls. I want to show how pit bulls are misunderstood by many and are really loving, caring animals unlike what ignorant people presume, which is dangerous killers. People often overreact to attacks by these dogs without knowing all of the facts about the dog or the situation. Pit bulls get wrongly acussed a large percent of the time, first of all the term 'pit bull' is not even a real breed of dog, it is a combination of 3 types of dogs, the American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier and the American Pit Bull Terrier. There are11 breeds that have the characteristics of a 'pit bull' and may be mistakenly confused as a 'pit bull' and that's not including the mixed breeds. I want people to be informed and educated about pit bulls and bring to peoples attention that these animals are harmless and have gotten a bad rep for too long.