Monday, September 24, 2007

Here is some great information that I found at to let all of you Pit Bull Lovers out there know how you can help save these innocent dogs from a terrible fate.
Ways to avoid contributing to the problem are:
1) By Not breeding, some owners decide to breed their dogs simply because they are females. Really, there are no legit reasons to breed a dog, especially a pit. So, please Don't breed them and have your dog spayed or neutered.
2) Using Proper Confinement, If you already own an American Pit Bull Terrier make sure that you keep them properly housed and confined. I am not trying to say lock em up and through away the key, but when you are not present they should be in a kennel or inside the house or tied up in an area that allows them to have space, but is secure to prevent them from getting loose.
3) Obey your local laws, If the city you live in has a leash law, please obey it. Don't let your dog off the leash, no matter how trained they are because you never know what situation you could be walking into. Always obey your local dog laws.
4) Be positive, When you are out in public with your dog be positive and friendly and not confronting. In other words, be polite to people who are rude and stereotypical. Don't strike out and get mad at bystander's comments about your dog, just ignore them and put it behind you. Allowing people to irritate you will only make you and your dog look negative and give the public more of a reason to discriminate.

I have also found a few organizations that are trying to make a difference and help make positve changes in the American Pit Bull Terrier breeds harsh dilemma by educating owners and the public as well, finding homes for numbers of dogs and trying to make a stop to the crimes against these amazing creatures: - Bay Area Dog Lovers Responsible About Pit Bulls.
PBRC - Pit Bull Rescue Central.

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Kelly Sullivan said...

Is the spay and neuter suggestion just a general, get you dog spayed/neutered, or particularly directed toward pit bulls? Is this statement for health reasons, or a statement that too many people are breeding pit bulls in excess? Either way its a good suggestion as spaying and neutering can reduce unwanted pregnancies (hence population) and can protect dogs (especially females) from certain typeso of cancer.