Monday, November 26, 2007

The Final Straw

Breed Specific Legislation or BSL are laws that have been formulated that discriminate against a certain breed or breeds of dogs and other animals as well. BSL is mainly in two forms. One form generates am entire ban on ownership and the other places some irrational duties on pet owners, like constant confinement and insurance coverage on their pet that is most often inaccessible.
All you cat lover’s better watch out as well, because cat owners or other type of pet owner can be affected by Breed Specific Legislation too. BSL does not only discriminate against dog breeds, but cats, snakes, and even turtles are the focus in some states. All responsible owners have some risk of losing their pet when BSL is passed in the area that they live. The American Pit Bull Terrier ( APBT ) is the foot in the door to enact the law, but once passed the process of adjusting and transforming the law becomes easy to modify and will begin including any other animal that is wrongfully posed as a “threat.” Because of these dire circumstances, all responsible pet owners should bond together and show the representatives where they live that they are against the legislation and will not support the harmful consequences it entails.
BSL is often an imprudent response by legislatures to an occurrence that has happened where someone is harmed by an animal. Often times the media is negligent when reporting these types of cases and many politicians have the bandwagon effect and follow the crowd in order to gain some type of support.
The real truth is that this does absolutely nothing to resolve the main problem and does not concentrate on the issue of animal attacks at its source, which is in nearly all situations is irresponsible ownership. Many Laws are being made that involve these issues, but more often than not they are un-enforced, allowing adverse incidences to occur. What we need to do is hold our town or city representatives responsible for their enforcement deficiencies of the laws that already exist. Instead of developing a Breed Specific Legislation that is not at all needed, when responsible humanitarian care laws that are already present are going unenforced and unnoticed. Each time that BSL is proposed to be ratified, there should be suit filed against the community’s administration for careless enforcement of the laws that already exist.
Communities, politicians, irresponsible parents and irresponsible owners need to realize there is no rhyme or reason for their negative actions. Communities must to realize the financial inconvenience of not only creating new laws, but also the cost of not enforcing current laws that promote reliable ownership. Politicians must understand the ramifications of a pet community that is united, lost votes or drop in polls and the economic aftermath of not conducting their jobs in a responsible and correct manner. Irresponsible owners must undergo the cost of neglectful, cruel, irresponsible and abusive ownership through firm financial penalties and lose the right to own any type of animal and when these consequences do not have any affect, it should lead to jail sentencing, felony convictions and develop a criminal record (if they do not already have one). The American Pit Bull Terrier is the breed of dog that is discriminated against the most and is often used as an excuse to create or broaden legislation to cover more breeds and other animals as well. Breed Specific Legislation does not take into account owners who are caring, loving and responsible and unfairly punishes them and their animals. BSL is proven to be unconstitutional and was even addressed by the US Federal Department of Justice as unallowable because it deprives people who have disabilities their right to picking a pet that apply to their specific service and necessary therapies.
If you are or know someone who is a victim of Breed Specific Legislation and want to find out if these laws are supported in your hometown, or if you just want to be further educated about the issue at hand and what you can do to help fight it go to or there are many other websites you may visit that involve saving these innocent creatures that love us unconditionally.

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